Music Releases

SOLE Music Academy mentors artist development students throughout their whole recording and release campaign. Here are some recent music releases we are very proud to share with you.

New single - ‘Grocery Shopping’ OUT NOW

New single - ‘Grocery Shopping’ OUT NOW

We Can Only Laugh 3000 x 3000 album.jpg

Nat & Jono are two childhood friends from Christchurch, New Zealand who have been making beautiful music together since they were 7. Now 18 yr olds, their music is filled of lush harmonies and conscious lyrics about relatable subjects that fill the minds of teenagers.

Their debut singles ‘Constellations’ & ‘Six Dollar Shirt’ are the feature stand out tracks with over 100k plays on Spotify. Their debut EP ‘We Can Only Laugh’ released in March 2019 took them from bedroom artists to a sold out audience at Lytellton Records. The skilled songwriters and musicians decided on the name of their EP because in their own words..."we don't take ourselves too seriously. How can we? We are only young".

Taking influence from Angus & Julia Stone and Seafret, they are serious however about the sound they want to create and the messages in their lyrics. Both have been highly involved in the productions alongside producer Will McGillivray (NOMAD) and mentor Sacha Vee (SOLE Music Academy).

Finalists in the past two NZ Rockquests, they made it through to the TOP 5 in 2017 and have been gathering momentum ever since.

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