About SOLE

Unlike what we once knew, music labels don’t magically pluck people with a bit of musical talent from the street...

Nowadays music managers, labels, radio and booking agents aren't interested unless you are already an artist. You have to have your own specific marketable music vision, a high level of talent in singing, songwriting or production, have built a decent amount of followers online and most importantly, a huge amount of passion and motivation if you want to make it to the top.

SOLE Music Academy recognises this change in the industry and is on a mission to equip every one of its students with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to enable them to achieve their goals. This will empower each student to move confidently, and independently into a future filled with successes.


SOLE stands for 'a source of learning and empowerment'


From our experience only the most dedicated people rise to the top. Once you embody the skills, the knowledge and manifest enough confidence to follow your dreams, you will start to gain the success you desire and in turn, meet the right people to help you succeed.


“People love to be a part of something that is already on an obvious road to success.”

Sacha Vee, Founder of SOLE Music Academy