Sacha Vee is a mentor for the NZ Music Commission and with 15yrs experience in the music industry as a professional artist and music teacher, she often fields questions and comments such as…


"How do I get a gig in a bar?"

"You have to move overseas to do music don’t you?"

"I want to be a songwriter but how will I make money?"

"I want a career in music but don't know where to start?"


She personally had an experience with a customer whilst working as a waitress. She told him proudly that she had just finished my study. He asked me in what? She replied ‘music’. His reply… ‘Well…what on earth are you going to do with that!?’

She now knows the reason it stayed with her for so many years… she didn’t know! Sacha had a music degree and wanted to become an artist but had no idea where to start, who to contact and what to do. From her experience, she clearly sees a real need to offer quality music tuition and education that bridges the gap between; 

1) Being at school and deciding whether or not to pursue full-time music study

2) Finishing full-time music study and figuring out how to start a career in music

3) A casual hobby but once empowered with the right knowledge, skills and confidence could become a career.


SOLE Music Academy is that missing link to the music industry.